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1.. Grantwriting Help
A collection of Web sites that provide valuable information about how to write grant proposals and what to include, along with a valuable collection of sample proposals.
From: Funding & Grants/Grant Writing Tools
Rating: [6.3] Votes: [23] Hits: [2250] | Mar 14, 2005
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2.. Women Empowerment Literacy and Development Organization
Women Empowerment Literacy and Development Organization is a not for profit, non- religious, non-governmental and dynamic organization working in Pakistan since January 1st, 2003. WELDO was formed by two very progressive and like minded women to integrate environmental sustainability with economic sustainability and to involve women directly in innovative, scientific and result oriented project rather than carrying out projects for them. With partnerships throughout the world we are carrying out development without borders.
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/Asia/Pakistan
Rating: [10] Votes: [20] Hits: [5327] | Jul 12, 2005
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3.. EITD Research (Research for Enterprise, Industries, Technology and Development)
Our Mission: We seek solutions to pressing development concerns and assist society to take opportunities offered by science in the use of technology in development via enterprise and industries. In addition to providing field services and technical support, EITD Research develops and circulates information on a wide range of issues, advocating strategies and making public policy recommendations.
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/Africa/Cameroon
Rating: [9.9] Votes: [18] Hits: [1419] | Jun 11, 2005
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4.. Educo Bulgaria - International Adventure School
The goal of Educo Bulgaria is to offer challenging activities in a wild natural setting. The program is designed to enable young people to discover their innate inner resources and step beyond their perceived limits, to develop initiative, and to build creative and independent personalities. We work as well to strengthen their physical health and to help them to understand their role and responsibilities in preserving the natural environment. We emphasize the importance of recognizing our global interdependence and interconnectedness by facilitating intensive contacts and encouraging acts of solidarity and unity among people from different nationalities, religions, and cultures. The Educo programs are based on the principles of experiential education. The methods and approaches used combine various technical physical elements with specialized games, myths, legends, discussions, etc. The technical elements implemented in the course content include: hiking, non-impact camping, rock climbing, swimming, caving, canoeing, skiing, survival training, first-aid training, orienteering, avalanche rescue training, ropes course, igloo building, snow-cave making, night hiking. The high staff to student ratio guarantees personal attention and the safety of each participant. All levels of activities implement and promote the principles of respect, unity, honesty, and consensus.
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/Europe/Bulgaria
Rating: [9.89] Votes: [17] Hits: [772] | Jul 29, 2005
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5.. Spiritual Side of Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is the new epidemic that is destroying our homes. We must seek God's Word, to eliminate the abuse of women in our churches before we can help the abused in our society.
From: Society & Culture/Domestic Violence/Faith Community and Domestic Violence
Rating: [10] Votes: [13] Hits: [1049] | Mar 10, 2009
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6.. Job Interviews
Job Search ... The Job Beat. Preparing for the Job Interview.
From: Employment/Job Interviews
Rating: [10] Votes: [12] Hits: [1255] | Mar 3, 2005
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7.. American Medical Association
The American Medical Association helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues.
From: Society & Culture/HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis B
Rating: [4.5] Votes: [12] Hits: [1073] | Jul 20, 2006
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8.. Jobs in Sports
The best place to find current jobs in sports!>   
From: Employment/Nonprofit Jobs by Sector
Rating: [10] Votes: [10] Hits: [1162] | Apr 14, 2005
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9.. Chhahari Group Nepal
Chhahari Group Nepal is a Social Organization. It is a non?governmental and extremely non-profitable organization established with the objective of changing and promoting the status of the country. All the members of this group are from different part and have traveled many sites of the country. The members of this group have collected enough experiences in volunteering works and are familiar with every problems of the community. Being known of this, we together try to organize and finally establish the CHHAHARI GROUP NEPAL. We also conducts volunteering and Internship program in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal in various sector. Our volunteering and internship porgrams are...
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/Asia/Nepal
Rating: [10] Votes: [8] Hits: [943] | Jul 11, 2005
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10.. Sustainable Laos Education Initiatives
Helping fight poverty and protecting the environment through Education. Our organization is building a non-profit school in Laos. The school will be a free English immersion college for poor, yet talented students who have no other means of education. English will assist the poor find jobs, give them tools to educate themselves on global issues and knowledge. The school will operate with ecological sustainability. We will use solar water pumps, compost toilets, natural cooling systems, earth buildings, and will be self sufficient by growing all our own food and fuel through organic agriculture extracurricular activities.
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/Asia/Laos
Rating: [7.8] Votes: [5] Hits: [1233] | Jul 6, 2005
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11.. Job Star Salary Survey Links
Includes Nonprofit salary information.
From: Employment/Financial Assistance
Rating: [8.8] Votes: [5] Hits: [1186] | Mar 5, 2005
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12.. Future Nepal Friendship Organization (FNFO Nepal)
Future Nepal Friendship Organization (FNFO Nepal), Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered at Government: 241 and Social Welfare Council: 30840 providing rich volunteer and learning experiences in Nepal.
From: Volunteering/Global Volunteering
Rating: [10] Votes: [5] Hits: [561] | Jul 3, 2013
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13.. AffordableSearch
A nationwide directory of affordable apartment housing communities. Our database currently contains thousands of apartment listings with the most up to date information and easy search capabilities.
From: Society & Culture/Housing & Homelessness/National Housing & Homeless Resources
Rating: [10] Votes: [4] Hits: [1556] | Aug 24, 2005
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14.. Susie Reizod Foundation
Our mission is to provide new shoes to children in need, including children with disabilities, up to age 18. Shoes are procured through donations from shoe businesses and concerned individuals, and through purchase from shoe stores. We donate all of the shoes to children in need through our collaboration with organizations such as FAMILY (in the Mid-Hudson Valley), TASA (a Planned Parenthood program for teenaged mothers), Mental Health Association in Dutchess County, Catherine Street Community Center in Poughkeepsie New York, St. John Bosco Child and Family Services in New Paltz New York, Harlem Children?s Zone in New York City, East Bronx Hunger Program in the Bronx, New York Urban League, Save the Children, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The Home for Little Wanderers in Boston, Grensave, in St. George's, Grenada, Harlem Dowling West Side Center for Children and Family Services in New York City, Friends Helping Friends in Rochester, New York, Hudson Opera House in Hudson, NY, and Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund in Cambridge, MA. We have no paid staff or consultants. Members of our Board of Directors are volunteers.
From: Children & Teens/Children's Clothing Charities
Rating: [5.5] Votes: [4] Hits: [1431] | May 8, 2005
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Dedicated to providing abused, neglected, abandoned, HIV-AIDS infected, mentally and/or physically challenged children and pregnant teens in local community and abroad with tools, love and hope they need to succeed in life.
From: Nonprofits & NGOs/North America/United States/Florida/St. Lucie
Rating: [10] Votes: [4] Hits: [968] | Jun 8, 2009
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