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There are two ways you can submit your site for inclusion in AAPCI Resource Directory index.
  • AAPCI’s search engine is a searchable database directory, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization and as such, all nonprofits and NGOs around the world are listed free of charge.
  • All other organizations, companies and for-profit businesses are charged a listing fee to be included in the directory. Please visit the sponsorship or advertising sections of this web site for sponsorship details and our advertising fee schedules.


First check to see if your site is already listed in AAPCI Search Engine Directory by searching for your organization, company, business name or keywords in our search box. If you do not find your site listed, then proceed to submit it.

Basic (Free) Listing

For Nonprofit Organizations and NGOs ONLY!

Submit your top level domain only. Individual pages and sub-domains and affiliate pages are not accepted. Only one category per top level domain is allowed.

Free Web Based email addresses are NOT accepted.

DO NOT add your commercial site or for-profit business using the free listing submission page! If you do, your commercial site or for-profit business WILL NOT be listed in our directory! Free site listings are for Nonprofits and NGOs ONLY!

If your listing is a commercial site or for-profit business, add your listing from our premium site page. There are great advantages to becoming a Premium Site sponsor.

* Please read the submission guidelines below before submitting your Nonprofit or NGO site for inclusion in the directory.

How to add a Free Listing: Start by filling out the form below and then submit.

Premium (Paid) Site Listing

For organizations, companies and businesses

$75.00 US non-refundable fee

TOP EXPOSURE! Your site(s) will appear as Premium listings for 1 year. After 1 year your listing will revert to a basic listing and will still remain in the database.

Premium Site Listings allow you to modify your site listing information after you have submitted it.

Your listing will appear in our Shopping Directory categories, unless alternative sponsorship or advertising arrangements are made.

Individual pages, sub-domains and affiliate pages are accepted.

Bulk submissions are accepted. Please contact us by e-mail for bulk discount rates. Marketing companies may send listing information in text, word, excel etc.

How to add a Premium (Paid) Listing: After you have submitted your premium site form, you will be redirected to our payment page to finalize your Premium Site listing. Submissions made without proper payments WILL BE rejected! Click here for our premium submission form.


You must read our Submission Guidelines before you proceed.
Click here to read Submission Guidelines before you proceed


All commercial sites or for-profit entities MUST choose the Premium listing category if they wish to be listed in our directory! Click here to learn more.

Top : Add Site Listing Request - (Free and Paid Directory Listings)


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